DARPA macht De:Bug Träume wahr

Es ist schon wirklich lange her, da hatten wir in De:Bug Ausgabe 23 mal einen Traum. Böse Feinde werden vom US Militär mittels schnüffelnder Käfer erlegt. 7 glückliche Jahre später macht sich laut folgender Meldung die DARPA , Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, die mittlerweile ja leider zur Terrorbekämpfungseinheit verkommen ist, an die Realisierung unseres Traums. Ziemlich genau sogar (Ok, Wespen statt Käfern, Idiviuduen statt Gruppen…).

The “Unique Signature Detection Project,” formerly known as the “Odortype Detection Program,” is designed to help identify terrorists based on scents they secrete in their sweat, tears, urine and other bodily fluids. According to experts, a person’s smell is so unique it offers the military an alternative method of identification, as effective as retinal scans and fingerprinting but far less invasive.

“[It can be used] to identify and distinguish specific ‘high-level-of-interest individuals’ within groups of enemy troops or combatants,” said DARPA spokeswoman Jan Walker via e-mail.

If successful, a Unique Signature Detection program could give the military advantages in identification that retinal scans just can’t match. Unlike eyelids, a person’s smell is not under their direct control. Even after leaving the scene of a crime, a terrorist’s scent could spread over a large distance and linger for a considerable time, said Gary Beauchamp, director of the Monell Chemical Senses Center and a researcher for the DARPA-funded project.

Although the science behind this field is nascent, says Beauchamp, evidence to support the theory of odor detection is all around us. Countless animals rely on odor to find food, identify one another and mark territory. USDA researchers even trained wasps to act as hound dogs, sniffing out drugs, bombs and cadavers.
Seed: Scent of a Terrorist

Mir persönlich gefällt besonders die Erwähnung von Tränen als Terroristen-Identifikationsgeruch, damit liessen sich ganze Romane schreiben. “Tear of(f) a Terrorist”, ach…

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