Roman-Verfilmung muss nach 5 Jahren in die Public Domain


Das ist doch mal eine Ansage die Jonathan Lethem auf seinem Webseite macht. Man bekommt eine Option auf die Filmrechte für sein neues Buch “You Don’t Love Me Yet” umsonst, muss dafür aber versprechen, nach 5 Jahren alles in die Public Domain zu übergeben. Ein ziemlich sensationeller Schritt für einen so profilierten Autor.

On May 15th I’ll give away a free option on the film rights to my novel You Don’t Love Me Yet to a selected filmmaker. In return for the free option, I’ll ask two things:
I’d like the filmmaker to pay (something) for the purchase of the rights if they actually make a film: two percent of the budget, paid when the completed film gets a distribution deal. (I’ll wait until distribution to get paid so a filmmaker without many funds can work without having to spend their own money paying me).

The filmmaker and I will make an agreement to release all ancillary rights to the film (and its source material, the novel), five years after the film’s debut. In other words, after a waiting period during which those rights would still be restricted, anyone who cared to could make any number of other kinds of artwork based on the novel’s story and characters, or the film’s: a play, a television series, a comic book, a theme park ride, an opera – or even a sequel film or novel featuring the same characters. For that matter, they can remake the film with another script and new actors. In my agreement with the filmmaker, those ancillary rights will be launched into the public domain.
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