Fetisch Bubblegirls: Suicide Girls bekommen Grafitti-Konkurrenz


Von der gleichen Stelle die uns auch das Banksy “Wall and Piece” Buch vor kurzem brachte, kommt mal eine etwas andere Art von Street Art, die uns irgendwie ziemlich an Suicide Girls Ästhetik erinnert. Graffiti-Nerd Tilt und seine feuchten Dosenträume. Ein eigenwilliges Thema, vor allem da Body-Painting mich immer so an Goa erinnert.

On 128 pages, the book “Fetish BubbleGirls – Worldwide BubbleGirls, photograffitis by TILT” (ISBN: xxx) shows us a sprayer’s dream – graffiti and beautiful women. Actually it’s even better than that: It shows graffiti on beautiful women. A prototype of the book has already been released in 2005 in a print run of 5,000 copies and has sold out within short time – by word of mouth! With this second edition, TILT’s BubbleGirls now enter the widespread book market. The Publikat Edition is published in a bigger format (210 x 155 cm = 82,7 x 61 inches), with new girls and 32 additional pages of new content. The preface written by the reputed German art collector Rik Reinking (Reinkingprojekte) emphasizes the importance of TILT’s works in contemporary art.

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