Der anziehbare "Klingelton"

Cute Circuit’s AccessoryNerve wäre ein Produkt, welches ich mir blind kaufen würde. Die Vorstellung, statt durch nerviges Gebimmel, sanft durch sich auf dem Ärmel formende Plisséemuster darauf hingewiesen zu werden, dass man da gerade angerufen wird, noch dazu mit Anrufererkennung (bestimmter Anrufer = bestimmtes Muster), ist einfach zu charmant, um sie nicht gut zu finden.

Wie funktioniert das?

Accessory Nerve is a Bluetooth mono-sleeve accessory for mobile phones that changes pattern (creating pleats on the fabric) when a user receives phone calls.

The system
The wearer recognizes the sender from the pattern the pleats create when receiving an incoming call. If the user is in a meeting or busy can simply flatten the pleats back into the original position, automatically the caller will receive a text message saying “I’ll call you back later”. The Accessory Nerve allows users to exchange information and greetings in a subtle and intimate way.

Wear your thoughts on your sleeve. A-Nerve started as a collaboration between Ryan Genz of CuteCircuit and Interaction Designer Line Ulrika Christiansen, and continues to be developed at CuteCircuit. Accessory Nerve allows users to communicate with friends through a novel textile visual language, combining smart textiles and telecommunication technology.

Research, Concept, Prototype, User Testing

Bluetooth class 1 (hardware)
Java MIDP2 (software)
RoHS comlpliant (lead-free)
Team skills
Java Programming
Electronic prototyping
C Programming for microcontrollers
Fashion Design
Textile Engineering
- AccessoryNerve

Wer oder was ist CuteCircuit?

CuteCircuit is an Interaction Design and Product Development Lab, founded in 2004 by Francesca Rosella and Ryan Genz. CuteCircuit is specialized in the development of wearable interfaces for telecommunication, interactive environments and art installations.


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