Three JAHTARI digital sub-bass smashers coming up from VOLFONIQ this time. Afterwards absolutely check the intactness of your amp! :)

On the A-Side ‘RECREADUB’ starts off with warm organ sounds rotating within an atmospheric wideness hard to believe. Reversed echo explosions, crashing drums and evolving soundscapes on full force over a hypnotic sub-bassline.

The B1-track ‘HEROINA DUB’ switches on the bitcrusher for a trip on a bassline that is impossible to forget. Glitching chords change harmonies crossover and around the stereo field in offbeat mode.

‘SPEAK’N’SEX – MAAAGIK DUB’ finishes off the last intact part of your hifi with a gut-ripping bassline, wah-wah plucks underway in the delay box and a raging computa voice straight from the CPU core! Ultra-heavy bit niceness!

A: Volfoniq vs. Trema – Recreadub
B1: Volfoniq – Heroina Dub
B2: Volfoniq vs. Kik The Hypez – Speak’n’Sex. Maaagik Dub

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