Netaudio goes to vinyl, part 1: six months after our Jahtari-Net-7″ 015 by the Jahtari Riddim Force (a joint venture of Jahtari roots dudes disrupt and Rootah) these two tunes finally found their way to lovely 45-wax via the outstanding Bastard Jazz label from New York City. What you hear now is the result of when analogue gear pushed to its limits clashes with a sensi-circuit-bent Laptop… Special 7″-vinyl edits, expertly mastered and pressed to the black goodness, coming with a new beautiful label design.

“The plate pits the two heads in collaboration on a pair of previously Mp3 only tracks, ‘Farmer in the sky’ holding the Ace-side with a super slack 8-Bit riddim featuring some R&S alike dub chord stabs and a big auld bucket of FX ready to fry your head when heard over a big system. ‘Depth Charge’ weighs down the B-side with a brutally bass heavy riddim featuring some spectral computer game melodies circling somewhere upstairs in the ganja smoke in purest Jahtarian style, proper eerie styles aye. Totally unmissable and impossibly pretty 7″ styles to cater for all your summer blazing needs. Get on it!” – Boomkat

Listen in and grab a copy HERE before they’re gone! Limited edition only!

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