Hippocamp, eins der am längsten agierenden Netzlabel, ist grade in Höchstform, wie das neue Release von Analog zeigt.

I wrote and recorded most of this album a couple of years ago before putting it on the back burner to concentrate on my band, doublejo(H)ngrey, and my techno/electro project Protoplasm Daddy. Returning to the recordings in 2005 I gave them a thorough overhaul: adding, subtracting and reworking the tunes into this album.

The album follows the format of a prog-rock concept album a la Gong or Hawkwind. Despite its somewhat unfashionable image I am proud to name prog as a big influence: hence my unashamedly pretentious use of unusual time signatures and varied instrumentation. Needless to say I have been influenced by a wide variety of other genres also.

I used computer-based sequencers, effects, synthesis and editing programs alongside live instruments, field recordings, turntables, samples and general sonic and electronic experimentation to produce the album. There are elements of drum&bass, techno, hip-hop, breaks, noise, downbeat and acoustic music, though I%u2019ve tried to mash them all into one big audio mud-pie.

Hope you enjoy it!

instep with johann
slim volume
blob forridge
optimistic pump transition
duck beater
wort to yr mother
pumpkin pie

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