Erstaunlich soft für eine Illlphabetik Platte.

From battlefields of moral perversion, narcotic craving and mental depravation now comes the first full-length meconium release “parts of body” flying in like the white pidgeon landing on the very horn of the Horned Almighty to take a dump on his goaty forehead. This is the 9-piece tale of the battle that will never be won nor fought for no reason. This is meconium sharing with the younglings around the bonfire his adventures of turning war into sex and sex into love and love into small pieces of sound and back into war. To ward off the demons gnawing away at your treasured fleshy ankles meconium has brought in his loyal comrade Charlie to protect and spread the Gospel and to show all you little negatively resonating numb-punks the universal love affair between Campari, electro and grime.
Enjoy and despise. Love and detest.

i shovled shit in louisiana
damn this blockhead feat. charlie campari
efil stasii
pause break delete home
insanity runs in my family
trigga happy