wave013 ~ Ulf Kramer ~ Die Posaunen von Jericho
// Experimental/Techno/Minimal

01 ~ Ulf Kramer ~ Jericho ~ 7:03 (mp3 | wave)
02 ~ Ulf Kramer ~ Regenmacher ~ 5:49 (mp3 | wave)
03 ~ Ulf Kramer ~ Musik hoeren ~ 6:35 (mp3 | wave)
04 ~ Ulf Kramer ~ Klagelied 016 ~ 6:38 (mp3 | wave)

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I never shall see the world again
as i saw it once – the sunlight, the rain,
the spring and the autumn, the starry night,
the sea and the woods and the moon’s full light.

I never shall see it quite as of old –
the sunset’s red and the noonday’s gold;
for I never shall see it henceforward now
except through your love, I scare know how.

Then be careful, my dearest, how you go,
for from under your feet the rivers shall flow;
and never again will the world be fair
except in the light of your eyes and your hair. by Wallace B Nicols

Artwork by Melan Wastage
Released under the Creative Commons License (by-nc-nd)

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