Deeptakt Records first release.


Deeptakt Records first release by Martin Nonstatic is out now !!!

Title: Tarot
Artist: Martin Nonstatic
Catalog#: dtdigi001
Date: 2013-07-18
Country: Germany
Style: Dub Techno
Artwork: Deeptakt Records
Mastering: DPR Mastering


1| Tarot One
2| Tarot Two
3| Meridian

Available on:

Visuals by: A I X E L E N T ?

About Martin Nonstatic:

Netherlands-born Martin van Rossum has been experimenting in the creation of sound since he was 18. Heavily influenced by his environment and keen sense of discovery, his tastes naturally gravitated towards the limitless boundaries of ambient, dub and techno music.

In 2009, martin decided to dedicate himself to the studio after years of performing live. His music has since received international support from imprints like dewtone, Silent Season, entropy, subspiele and biorecrodings.


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