For netlabel day 2016 Yarn Audio prepared something special – a compilation featuring electronic music from artists from Italy, Russia, Austria, UK, Finland, Mexico, Germany and the US.

View the interactive 3D-version (drag to rotate):



1. Lackluster – So You’re Still Waiting
2. Ghostwerk – Idkfmrndcycle
3. KiK – Glass City
4. George McVicar – ?-1g-M4
5. Tabache – Atmo Tribal
6. Tobs – Creepy Haze
7. Terrorythmus – Trick That
8. Turning Torso – Coleos
9. Yolo Ferahn – Medicina

Free Download:

Creative Commons – CC-BY-NC 4.0


Mastering: Matthias Hafner
3D-visual: Holon / Undefined
Cover Artwork, Website: Tim Pulver

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  1. relaxo

    Grad zufällig mal reingehört und HÄNGENGEBLIEBEN!!!! THX für die schöne Conpilation!


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