What the fuck are you playing?

We like games. We like to play games. They are the thing for mankind. We are ready to mix realities. We are encouraged to love avatars! We are in the game even when we are not playing. We are exploring technology through playful interaction. Everything is getting touchable. Technology is our best friend. Sex with tech. Dreams come true. We are in god mode. Friends are gods. Cybergods in a new world. And the game never stops.

But what the fuck are we playing?

Thu Oct6, 2011 – 22:00 – Chez Jacki – An der Schillingbrücke.

An der Schilling Brücke
(an der Spree)
map: http://bit.ly/9v6bvt
GPS: 52°30’33N 13°25’49E

Entrance fee: 6 €

An electronic musician based in New York City, Bit Shifter explores high-impact, low-res music produced using primitive gear and synthesis as a deliberate aesthetic choice. Adopting a distillation of the less-is-more philosophy, Bit Shifter operates with a standard Nintendo Game Boy as a means of exploring the aesthetics of economy, pushing minimal hardware to its maximum.

Co-administrator of the 8bitpeoples collective & label, and co-founder & co-curator of the international Blip Festival event series now entering its 5th year, Bit Shifter has released music on Hymen, Astralwerks, Mirex, 555 Recordings, and Ketacore, and has logged over 180 performances worldwide.


Ben Butler & Mousepad is Joe Howe, currently based in Glasgow, Scotland. He has produced weird, complex, fun, synth-led music under a bunch of aliases, including GAY AGAINST YOU and GERMLIN. The last few years have seen Joe producing an album for MOMUS, working on an Opera in Berlin about WENDY CARLOS and rocking festivals, residencies and clubs through Europe, as well as remixing BLACK DEVIL DISCO CLUB, DEERHOOF, KLAXONS and THE CHAP (amongst others). As Ben Butler & Mousepad, he plays solo or in duo with Bastian Hagedorn on drums, under a proper prog-rock influence which doesn’t forget fun.


Nico Defawe is based at .HBC, Berlin. Before he came from Paris to Berlin he produced crazy hyperactive dance music and was touring worldwide with his tunes. After a long break Nico Defawe is back on stage with Anarchic chic and his dancing roboters!



VJ Takosuke (ES)
VJ CineCitta (CA/ DE)

Thu Oct6, 2011 – 22:00 – Chez Jacki – An der Schillingbrücke.

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