Oh, Bepopaloolayellowpolkadotbikini. Angie Reed alias Barbara Brockhaus schmeißt als Spoken-Word-Performerin im Umfeld von Chicks on Speed und Goldene Zitronen mit verbalen Schrappnellen nur so um sich. Weil's auf Deutsch an Durchschlagskraft verlieren würde, lassen wir es im englischen Original. aus De:Bug 97

Politik nach Noten

Für welches Land würdest du eine Nationalhyme schreiben?
… the whole first world governments clumped together like one big fat dumpling.

Wie sähe der Text aus?
We NLP the galaxy
it’s as easy as 1-2-3
maximum security
we mind control black holes
me pay role on me protocol
me bill-fold filled with black gold
I is I, is Jedi spy, is antagonize, is franchise, is customise
supersonic, psychotronic, electronic – yes we’re on it – warrior!
start jammin’ to the techno shaman!
don’t try to cross examine!
we be programming world wide famine …

Glaubst du an Opposition innerhalb eines Systems politischer Parteien.
Should I? No. I believe that it is all a bunch of orchestrated bullshit.

Glaubst du an Opposition außerhalb politischer Parteien, an eine globale Opposition?
In that we accept that we can only change ourselves as individuals and not others. Learn to think with our own brains.

Würdest du bei “Life Aid” oder bei einem anderen Wohltätigkeitsfestival mitmachen?
If I ever got asked, yes, I would. There is enough money and resources for everyone on this planet and absolutely no need for starvation. But, a small group of greeedy people control and manipulate a large mass of people … old story.

Welche politische Geste hat dich am meisten beeindruckt?
That has yet to come. (Ok, there are a few … how about the Montgomery Bus Boycott in 1955?)

Ist Musik grundsätzlich politisch oder unpolitisch?
Oh, Bepopaloolayellowpolkadotbikini! Well, it has been. If it changes something and sets things into motion, then I guess it can be political. Think of all the protest songs, Folk, Punk, Rap and so on … it contributed to some change. Music doesn’t have to be political … let us not forget the power of the r&r, t&a, TNT and love. Hence, here is also a lot of stupid, useless, mediocre, generic and plain bad music. Nonetheless, however, there should be more music and less politics.

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