was noch gut zu in the mix passen könnte: ipod playlists als neue plattensammlung. wobei ja da der krasse indivudualterror einsetzt. ich poste euch mal was aus wired, was auch auf dem unvermeitlichen praschl-blog diskutiert wurde, schon letzten november. der hit in amerika: show me your playlist.

ps: hat nichts mit playlist zu tun, aber toll notorisch in dem artikel: wer techno hört ist ein nazi. swastika!

As if it weren’t hard enough to be cool already, Apple Computer has introduced a new way for people to ruin their social standing. Thanks to the ability of Apple’s iTunes to share music collections over local networks, it is now possible to judge someone’s taste in music — or lack of it — in a way that previously required a certain level of intimacy. The ability to examine the music collections of co-workers, neighbors or fellow students is akin to peering into their souls: Someone who appears cool and interesting from the outside is revealed as a cultural nincompoop through the poor sap’s terrible taste in music. And now that iTunes is widely available for both Mac and PC users, it is becoming clear that there are social implications for sharing music.


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