Schwedische Staatsanwaltschaft verklagen Piratebay auf Verschwörung zum Urheberrechtsbruch

Skurril. Aber so ist das mit der Demokratie. Die einen wollen das, die anderen das Gegenteil. Wer hätte gedacht, dass das putzige Schweden noch mal zu einer echten legalen Kriegszone wird.

Decriminalizing all non-commercial file sharing and forcing the market to adapt is not just the best solution. It’s the only solution, unless we want an ever more extensive control of what citizens do on the Internet. Politicians who play for the antipiracy team should be aware that they have allied themselves with a special interest that is never satisfied and that will always demand that we take additional steps toward the ultimate control state. Today they want to transform the Internet Service Providers into an online police force, and the Antipiracy Bureau wants the authority for themselves to extract the identities of file sharers. Then they can drag the 15-year-old girl who downloaded a Britney Spears song to civil court and sue her.
Decriminalize File Sharing « Karl Sigfrid


Based on evidence collected in a 2006 raid on the offices of The Pirate Bay, Swedish prosecutors say that by the end of January they expect to charge the individuals who operate the file-sharing service with conspiracy to breach copyrights.

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