Die Welt ist sich mal einig und blumiger als der Antikapitalisten-Papst

Deutschland und Brasilien waren in der UN vorgeprescht und hatten einen Entwurf für “The right to privacy in the digital age” vorgelegt.

Da stehen eigentlich nur gute Dinge in endlosen Komma-Sätzen drin.

Emphasizing that illegal surveillance of communications, their interception and the illegal collection of personal data constitute a highly intrusive act that violates the right to privacy and freedom of expression and may threaten the foundations of a democratic society,

Noting that while concerns about public security may justify the gathering and protection of certain sensitive information, States must ensure full compliance with their obligations under international human rights law,

Deeply concerned at human rights violations and abuses that may result from the conduct of any surveillance of communications, including extraterritorial surveillance of communications, their interception and the collection of personal data, in particular massive surveillance, interception and data collection,… Link

Sehr schön und beruhigend zu lesen sind auch die einzelnen Statements der Staatsbeauftragten zu dem Papier:

The representative of the United States said her country had long championed the right to privacy and to freedom of expression as pillars of democracy and reaffirmed the relevant human rights instruments, such as the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. Privacy and freedom of expression should be promoted online and offline, she said, adding that seeking, receiving and imparting information were linked to the right to privacy. Human rights activists used online tools to promote human rights and should therefore be able to use them freely.

The representative of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea said the draft was timely and had been tabled in the appropriate forum. It was a reaction to the massive electronic surveillance activities conducted by one country that had shocked public opinion. Emphasizing that infringements of State sovereignty should no longer be tolerated, he said massive espionage activities were targeting Heads of State, who were symbols of State sovereignty, resulting in rampant violations and interference in internal affairs. Talk of democracy by the United States was hypocritical, he said, stressing that it should therefore abstain from talking about human rights violations in other countries, especially in light of its use of drones against civilians. Link

Friede, Freude… Moment. Da hatte wer was zu meckern. Genau. Die Briten.

The representative of the United Kingdom expressed regret over the late circulation of the draft, as well as its lack of direct reference to freedom of expression. The relevant Human Rights Council resolution did address the promotion and protection of human rights online, he said, voicing disappointment that such language was not included in the text just approved.

Da die Überwachungsdingsdas der USA und anderer aber jeweils überall total legal sind, ändert diese Einstimmigkeit (eine Stimmabgabe hat es nicht gegeben, aber die Version ist angenommen worden) letztendlich auch nichts.

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