Brian McCartys unheimliche Kinderphotographie

War Toys ist eins der denkwürdigsten Projekte rings um Krieg und Spielzeug. Die Bilder von Brian McCarty entstehen alle an Originalschauplätzen aus Erzählungen und Zeichnungen von Kindern die ihre Kriegserfahrung schildern. Die Umsetzung erfolgt dann, wenn möglich mit Hilfe der Kinder und unter Einsatz von Spielzeug, das man in ihrer Umgebung kaufen kann. Das Artist Statement auf der War-Toys Webseite sagt wie genau.

Employing principles of expressive art therapy, my process begins with observation and guided interaction with children under the care of humanitarian organizations operating in areas of active conflict. Specialized therapists and caregivers conduct art-based interviews on my behalf, inviting children to draw pictures about their lives and experiences. The resulting illustrations serve as art direction and basis for photographic exploration.

Toy-surrogates are placed and posed in accordance to the children’s descriptions, integrated through forced perspective into the actual locations where described events occurred. Commentary is given on socioeconomic conditions through the use of locally acquired toys, seen against the conditions in which these children live. When possible and under the guidance of specialists, I invite the children to actively participate and use the photographic process as a form of therapeutic play. The resulting photographs provide an interpretive document of witnessed events and context for the children’s accounts.

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