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The former folk singer said United’s Flight 919 — from London to Washington’s Dulles International Airport — seemed routine until he heard an announcement over the loudspeaker stating the plane would be landing in a different location. With 249 passengers on board, it never crossed Islam’s mind that he might be the problem.

The flight had been diverted to Maine’s Bangor International Airport, where federal agents were waiting for Islam.

“The door opened and in walked six gigantically tall, you know, uniformed officers, and they kind of came to me directly, and said, ‘Are you Yusuf Islam?’ And I thought, what is going on?” Islam said.

“They took me to the immigration office there. Then I got interviewed by some FBI agents, and that was like the beginning of what I began to realize was a terrible ordeal which I was about to go through,” he said.

Islam, 56, said he was traveling to the United States with his 21-year-old daughter to record some music in Nashville, Tenn.

Now he wants to know why he’s no longer allowed in the country where he had been welcomed for so many years.

Islam says he didn’t learn much from the questions he was asked by federal agents. The former folk singer said the questions seemed to revolve mostly around his Muslim name.

Na? Wer war der Terrorist? Richtig, Cat Stevens. Time Magazine erklärt, dass die USA einfach seinen Vornamen verwechselt haben. Yusuf Islam darf fliegen, Youssouf Islam nicht. Die Liste der Passagiere wird wohl erst 15 Minuten nach Abflug freigegeben. Wir können nur hoffen dass nicht hunderte von Leuten so heissen. Ach, und, Clara, Moslemisches Essen auf einem Inlandflug in den USA zu bestellen war vielleicht doch keine so gute Idee.

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