Für geplagte Frauenfüße


Obwohl sie auf den ersten Blick eigentlich alles andere, als bequem aussehen, sind diese Schuhe dafür konzipiert, den von HighHeels geplagten Frauenfüßen eine angenehme Reflexzonenmassage zu verpassen…
Hierzu ein paar Worte von ihrem Schöpfer:

Emotional Well Being Shoes
by Steve McIntyre

“When asked to design this pair of shoes, the prerequisite was that the piece related to certain aspects of medical objects and practice, also that the shoes related to a concept of design encompassing interactivity between the user and object. In answer to this, I thought about using a combination of objective and subjective interactive concepts

As well as looking at various physical materials that would relate to the medical issue’s, silicon gels, stainless steel, reflexology (which resulted in doing profile drawings from models feet, interesting in its self, is the difference between feet shape that means each shoe would be completely different) and polished acrylic tubes. I also investigated the idea of creating something in the shoe that would cause effect outside of any physical implications within the piece. I remembered how excited one of my children was when he got his first pair of trainers with lights, these lights were activated when he ran, so he ran and ran! On this premise I have designed into the shoe a cell battery led assembly, this I have made completely visible (I often wondered how the lights worked). These lights are activated when worn, causing a gentle glow from the underside of the sole. The top part of this assembly is proud of the sole; this is soft textured silicon that corresponds with various reflexology points, giving a treatment as you walk”


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