Erste Auswirkungen von Terre Taemlitz' offenem Brief von gestern

Das ging schnell. Nachdem Terre Thaemlitz gestern mit einem offenen Brief gegen den illegalen digitalen Verkauf des Back-Kataloges von Mille Plateaux protestiert hat, hat unter anderem Beatport die in Frage stehenden Platten aus ihrem Programm genommen. In einem Update zitiert Thaemlitz eine Stellungnahme von Beatports COO Matthew Addel und folgert dann:

In this instance, it appears the files were not maliciously uploaded by a third party, but were entered into Beatport’s system around May, 2010, as the result of a combination of human and computer error. Old contents which had been offline were inadvertently re-activated by Beatport when they received valid catalog from IODA. (Insert bad joke about Mille Plateaux being the ultimate in ‘glitch’ music here.) The question of who received payments for items sold (if any), and who was aware of this problem prior to my original letter, is under investigation.

Beatport was unaware that the files were unauthorized until I contacted them on Friday, July 30. Clearly, in this instance, they acted very quickly and cooperatively in getting the materials offline.

Des weiteren bedankt sich Thaemlitz über die schnelle Verbreitung seines Briefes.

I must say the speed of this situation is nothing short of miraculous. There is no doubt this would not have been possible without the kind assistance of many personal contacts (including a personal contact at Beatport who had supported my projects since my first release in 1993, and friend in the media with personal contacts to a top official at IODA), as well as a tremendous internet buzz initiated by fans and members of the press. I, and the other artists affected by this action, owe a tremendous amount of gratitude to all of you.

Bei aller Erleichterung und Freude über die schnellen Ergebnisse in diesem Fall, bleibt das aufgeworfene Problem, so Thaemlitz, bestehen. Das vollständige Update kann man hier lesen.

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  1. dr w

    lieber mal nen jever aufmachen. mille plateaux ohne achim ist eh nicht moeglich. oder?