Am Samstag in Berlin: Das Live-Band-Debüt in der Wilden Renate.

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Am Samstag den 16.2. gibt Hot Coins, aka Red Rack’em endlich sein Debut mit Live-Band, das sein Album, “The Damage Is Done“, auf Sonar Kollektiv schon angedeutet hatte. Zusammen mit JG Wilkes, Ron Basejam, Hunee, Toby Tobias und Erdbeerschnitzel live, dürfte die Bande die Wilde Renate auseinandernehmen. Wir jedenfalls sind extrem gespannt wie die Umsetzung des phantastischen Albums als Live-Band funktioniert und haben Danny Berman ein paar Fragen gestellt.

Would you mind introducing the band?

The band is Daniel Berman (me) on vocals and synths, David Benjamin on guitar, backing vocals and synths, Jens Dohle on drums and electronics and Steffen Illner on bass guitar. We have been rehearsing in the historic Funkhaus studios in East Berlin for several months and the guys are amazing players. I couldn’t have hoped for better musicians to work with.

How many rehearsals did it take you to realize the album with a band?

At first it seemed pretty daunting to me but we broke it down into chunks and the guys are all really experienced which was key in it coming together so well. I am more of a DJ/Producer type so working with an experienced electronic drummer like Jens and a guitarist who’s also a DJ/Producer was exactly what the band needed. The hardest part was working out who plays what as I made the album in studio conditions and didn’t ever envisage playing it live. I remember the early days of rehearsals where we played the tracks which were the most ‘live’ like ‘The Only Way’ and ‘Freestyle Lover’ because they were the easiest to play. It was a great feeling when we started playing tracks like ‘Geek Emotions’ or ‘New Beat’ which are a bit more clubby and electronic sounding. I would say things really started to come together in December and we’re sounding really good now. I can’t wait for the launch party on Saturday!

What were the strangest things that happened during rehearsals, and the most difficult to do?

The strangest thing for me was working with other people as I normally work alone. I had a pretty wild 2012 so sometimes I found it a bit stressful because I was ‘in charge’ of stuff but it wasn’t my area of expertise and I had stuff to work out in my personal life. The guys were really understanding and professional and I feel much more confident about it all now than in the early days of rehearsal. I think me and David found the Monday morning 10.30am rehearsals quite a novelty – we both felt like it was getting up for ‘work’. Jens and Steffen both have families they aren’t so bothered about such early hours! I would say the most difficult thing for me was trying to rehearse on a monday morning after playing a 7 hour back to back DJ set with Franklin De Costa at Kater Holzig. Fortunately the rehearsal went really well but there were points on the day before where I questioned my professionalism.

Why did you choose to do things live with Hot Coins?

My background is actually live music. I was in quite a few bands as a teenager playing primarily drums and bass but we all dabbled in each others instruments so I can play a few chords on the guitar too. We used to hire out Church halls in small Scottish fishing villages near where we lived and put on multi-band shows. We generally got banned from using the venues after each show as it was a raucous time. I stopped being a musician in 1994 when I started DJing and that’s been the story of my life since then. Records, clubs, parties, studios, DJ lifestyle, raves etc.

I have found the whole ‘put out a hot record, get some gigs off the back of it…..repeat and fade’ dynamic of modern dance culture a bit stale and soulless for the last few years. It doesn’t feel like making good music really makes any difference so I was actively seeking some kind of change in my creative output. I have got amazing memories from my teenage years when I was playing in bands. The camaraderie, the bonding, the buzz of working together on a shared goal and this is stuff which I feel is missing from my role as a solitary DJ/Producer/Record Label guy. So working with some real people has been a breath of fresh air in my life and I am really happy that I wrote an album which is so band orientated. The biggest reason behind forming a band was my desire for change.

Will you do a cover of Sweet Home Alabama?

I would never cover a song with political undertones. IF we cover anything it will be either Einkauf by Andreas Dorau, Verlier Nicht Den Kopf by DAF or Moody by ESG.

Wer in das Album reinhören möchte. Hier sind die Clips.

Und wer nach den Inspirationen sucht, die Red Rack’em für “The Damage Is Done” so umgetrieben haben. Im Podcast werdet ihr – neben seinen eigenen Tracks – fündig.