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Touane hat jetzt sein eigenes Label: Lefthanded. Selbst ihm geht mittlerweile alles zu schnell und dafür braucht er neben Soundcloud, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, und Fairtilizer-Accounts eben auch noch sein eigenes Outlet. Die ersten EPs (Studio Works Pt. 1-3) sind schon in Planung, die erste sogar schon da und wir sind beeindruckt, denn hier geht es wirklich nicht um das Rausbringen von Restmaterial.

Inspired by the ultra fast digital evolution influencing how people is accessing music and the techniques through which they are creating it, Left Handed’s aim is to allow electronic music lovers and fans of my own records to keep up with the evolution of my style. The flow of new releases I will be promoting here will be distributed through the major digital platforms, Beatport and many more…

As for the label itself, it will feature Touane’s material throughout the first whole year. A series of 3 releases, so called Studio Works pt.1, 2 and 3, a remix ep to follow up late spring 2010, and a “Archives” ep will set the tone for the first season of its existence.

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