Jay Haze stellt sein Music2.0-Manifest vor

Seit einem Jahr lebt Jay Haze jetzt in Lima, Peru. Weit weg von den hitzigen Zentren elektronischer Musik. Aber nicht nur geografisch hat sich der in der Vergangenheit oft streitbare Produzent und Tuning Spork- und Contexterrior-Labelhead in den letzten zwölf Monaten von den Epizentren der globalisierten Techno- und House-Szenen entfernt. Sein nach eigener Aussage letztes Album “Love = Evolution” hat er vor kurzem als Download verschenkt. Wie auch schon sein letztes Album. In einem ausführlichen Interview mit Resident Advisor stellte er vor zwei Monaten das Konzept vor, das ihn seit geraumer Zeit umtreibt: Music 2.0. Wir baten ihn, den Begriff und die Idee dahinter zu konkretisieren und das folgende Manifest ist das Ergebnis.

Music 2.0 is a necessary idea in its beginning stages, there is much to be perfected if the idea is to be implemented on a full scale, which i firmly believe will happen. The beginning stage is recognizing that the current state of music benefits the very few people who have control over the market in which the actual music is sold, and that these people more than not, care very little about music or the cultural benefit it offers to our generation. The times when people used songs to bring our consciousness to a higher level seems to be over, or if it’s there, it’s darn hard to find. It’s almost as if when the bullet struck John Lennon people stopped believing music could change situations in our world.

People featured in the media spotlight, play the game is if the world is perfect and speak only of their personal gains from the industry – and we glorify them for this! It’s not an accomplishment to humanity as a whole if an individual becomes rich, in fact it’s quite the opposite – this means someone else is suffering a bit more DUE to this. Inequality on all levels is the biggest threat we face in society today. Crime rates, relationships, depression, and even our natural health is affected creating more and more diseases to which the answer is …. you got it! Spend more money to treat yourself from the sickness they created. And by the way, they only offer treatment, very seldom a cure :)

This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t recognize someones talent, but it does mean giving them materiel objects, fame and money does nothing more than corrupt the talent we have come to appreciate.  You can look at this trend over history, again and again and see the same result: degradation to the music and spirit we have come to love in the first place about the artist or even its affect on an entire genre.

Music is a language, which carries heaps of information – not at first listenable to the human consciousness – but resonating in the humans sub-consciousness, resulting in the way we behave, love and express ourselves, both the good and evil.

It is absolutely necessary for people to wake up to this times we live in, ignorance begets more ignorance.  We need a radical change right now, more than ever before. Since the 1970’s the worlds poverty has doubled, and I see it everywhere I go. THIS IS REAL.

How can this be? How can humans continue to live in this current bubble of waste? Everything we appreciate about life is being ruined, there are pills being marketed to us RIGHT NOW which are supposed to make us happy! What????  We were born happy, It’s the society we were raised in that made us unhappy, and we have the power within us to change this. We need to exercise this power, but do it within ourselves first. The best of any man is within, as is the worst. Remember this next time you judge someone for doing something that offends you personally, more often than not it comes right back to you! Being human is a gift, one we had no choice in the making, but one we do have the choice in perpetuating. There is only way one to evolve, and its love. Love is the unifying force we have throughout all the madness we created to distract ourselves from the things we hate about our own personalities.It’s time to recognize our own mistakes, our own disfigurements we wish didn’t exist, and most of all the sanctity of life itself. Evolution is more powerful than any one man. It’s a force which drives our universe, and it controls us. The only thing we can do is throw speed bumps in its way, and friends, this is exactly what we have done the moment we created and believed in the monetary system and economics. As long as there is one person living on your street with no shoes and begging for money, you are not safe. His or her mere existence is there to scare you into following the system.

My question to anyone reading this: Would you like to live in poverty? No bathroom? No water? 10 people to a dirt floor room?
I know in my heart most of you will answer NO. but yet the reality we created is that MOST of us in the world live exactly as we wish not to.

It’s time to wake up, reject the current system on all fronts, not only in music- but on all fronts where this is the accepted normal status. My personal future will hold in high regards this message, I myself will try to continue to grow as a human, and everywhere I go I will assimilate myself so that my understanding of the situation can intensify and that I may share it with everyone I meet.

Love is at core the only thing holding the world together right now. We have to face it- fear wishes to tear us apart. There is nothing to be afraid of rather than fear itself. Anytime someone tries to scare you, remember its their own fear they are trying to project onto you. Reflect and bounce it right back on to them, and let them suffer alone, they will wake up one day or parish into their own abyss.

You are as free as you want to be, and love will connect the human race during this period of rapid evolution. Some say evolution happens gradually, but I believe very differently. It happens in giant leaps all at once.
And it does so because the planet wakes up to what’s happening and retakes control. All organisms rest, the earth is a fine example of this, it’s her rest we take for granted, when she turns in bed we experience tidal waves, when she moves her foot we experience earthquakes, when she awakens totally and realizes she is sick, well she is gonna do her best to heal. This healing will be a BEAUTIFUL change in history.

Many different ancient tribes believed in such things, and I believe they did for a reason, because seriously look at how we live. Apathy is not the answer, for it happens whether or not you care about it. What will happen, when we the human race DOES care about it on all levels? MAGIC. And I love magic. MAGIC IS REAL. and if we didn’t believe in MAGIC technology wouldn’t exist.We are more connected now than ever before, please let’s use this to rewrite history, and to restore its natural course.

Thank you for reading this, and I hope you will find at least a little truth or comfort in doing so. Love is the answer and the key to life rest within the frequencies that make up music. Pay attention, and be tolerant and respectful. Freedom is within all of us, let’s express it more.

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