Roger Linn brezelt Adrenalinn nochmal auf


Roger Linn hat sein Multieffektgerät Adrenalinn mit integriertem Filter und Drumcomputer hardwaremässig nochmal upgedatet: Adrenalinn 3 heisst das handliche Teil jetzt und bietet einen Reigen neuer / verbesserter Features:

– 40 amp models, all enhanced for accuracy, presence and improved tube saturation
– Stereo reverb
– Compression
– Tuner
– User presets increased to 200 & filled with great new sounds. (For details, download our Preset & Drumbeat Listing.)
– User drumbeats increased to 200 & filled with great new beats. (For details, download our Preset & Drumbeat Listing.)
– Right foot switch is now named EFFECT and may be assigned per-preset to enable any specific effect or combination. Functions of both foot switches may be reassigned.
– Greatly enhanced MIDI pedalboard control: up to 10 MIDI footswitches and 2 MIDI expression pedals may be assigned to control nearly all internal settings and commands
– A variable Amp Drive Boost has been added, actuated by panel or MIDI foot switches
– Stereo width of modulation effects and delay are now adjustable
– Envelope attack & decay times are now adjustable for random filter & random tremolo effects
– Four new Modulation Effects are added: Auto Pan, Wah Pedal, Fixed Filter and Sci-Fi
– Simple guitar amp distortion now exists for drumbeats, independent of guitar amp models
– Internal drums may be triggered from MIDI
– Variable- frequency lowpass filters have been added to output of amp models, delay & drumbeats
– Improved drum sounds
– Noise gate is improved to be virtually unnoticeable
– And much, much more (Download the manual for details.)

Für alle Adrenalinn 1 & 2 Besitzer gibts noch eine gute Nachricht dazu : für 99 $ kann man ein Upgradekit bestellen, mit dem sich die alten Versionen auf die neue aufrüsten lassen. Da kann man nur sagen : Full Customer Satisfaction…

Preis: 375 $ (ca. 275 Euro)

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