Analogue Solutions bringt kleine Version des Modularsynthesizers Vostok

Analogue Solutions haben eine Miniversion ihres Modularsynthesizers Vostok vorgestellt: Telemetry heisst die kleine Version, die mit dem gleichen Konzept und Steckfeld, aber ein paar weniger Modulen kommt.

Die Specs:

MIDI-CV converter: pitch, auxiliary CV outputs, and Gate.
VCO1: CV In, PW In, Sawtooth Out, Square Out.
VCO2: CV In, PW In, Sync In, Saw Out, Square Out, 3x Sub VCO Outs.
VCLPF: 2x Sig In, 2x CV In, VCA CV In, Sig Out. Moog style transistor ladder filter.
VC LFO1: Saw, Inverted Saw, Square, Triangle outs, Freq CV In.
LFO2: Triangle and Square Outs.
Sample And Hold: Sig In, Clock In, Sig Out.
White Noise
Envelope: Trig In, Normal and Inverted Outputs. EMS style repeat feature.
X/Y non-sprung Joystick
10×10 signal matrix Patch Panel
10 Shorting pins included

Preis: 1099 Pfund (ca. 1255 Euro)

Analogue Solutions

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