Kleine modulare Grooveboxen im Spielzeugformat

Mehr Bastel-Spielzeug nach Patchblocks, littleBits SynthKit, Palette, und zwar im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes: die tschechische Firma Bastl Instruments haben ihre modulare Open Source-Groovebox Trinity vorgestellt die aus drei auf Standuino basierenden Soundmodulen (Drum Synthesizer, monophoner FM-Synthesizer, polyphoner synthesizer) plus einem Sequenzer besteht.


-interface which makes it playable musical instrument
-available assembled or as a soldering kit
-MIDI native (note,CC) , MIDI jack and almost endless sync possibilities by MIDI Bastl
-software reprogrammable by Arduino (breakout for standard FTDi USB)
-hardware expandable and hackable ? including breakouts for sensors or more buttons
-chain connectors to share power, audio and communication within more Trinity/Bastl instruments
-user memmory for storing presets and patterns (exportable, transferable)
-stylish lasercut replacable enclosure with instrument labels
-adjustable volume
-mono, 16385 hz, 14 bit ? double PWM sound generation
-TRS Jack 3.5mm audio output able to drive headphones
-powered from 9V battery or 9V positive polarity power supply (2.1 mm) or from the Trinity chain (use switch to select)
-running Mozzi library and Bastl library for Arduino

Preise: Kit je 45 Euro, zusammengebaut 60 Euro

Bastl Instruments

via Synthtopia

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