Einfach ein Klinkenkabel in die Chucks stecken und los gehts

Könnte vielleicht ein Problem beim nächsten Flug werden, aber ansonsten ist der Shoethesizer nicht nur formschön, sondern auch praktisch, wenn man gern ein wenig basteln möchte.

The synthesizer circuit is based off a circuit (WSG by Ray Wilson) I found on the internet which uses three schmitt triggers. One for each of the oscillators and an extra for modulation. It also uses an op-amp to make a simple, yet effective, filter. In the tongue of the shoe, there is a piezo transducer which is set up in parallel to one of the oscillators causing the voltage to spike, giving the synthesizer some cool rhythmic sounds. There is a switch that allows you to choose one or both oscillating frequencies to be mixed in to the output. The knobs were placed where the shoe-lace holes are and the output jack was placed in the toe area. I built this circuit during my freshmen year of high school for a science fair.

via Synthtopia

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