Elektron kündigt nahtlose Verbindung zwischen Analog Four, Analog Keys, Analog Rytm zum Rechner an

Elektron hat auf der Musikmesse die Bridge-App “Overbridge” angekündigt. Die Software soll die Lücke zwischen Rechner und Hardware nahtlos schliessen und via VST/AU Plugin die externe Steuerung mit Total Recall ermöglichen, aber auch via USB Audiostreaming in 24 Bit in beide Richtungen ermöglichen. Erscheinen soll sie allerdings erst im vierten Quartal, unterstützte Elektron-Geräte sind Analog Four, Analog Keys, Analog Rytm .


*Full VST/AU control*
Thanks to Overbridge, the Analog range of Elektron machines can be deeply integrated with PC and Mac computers. The customized and machine specific software plugins, available in VST and AU formats, give direct parameter access over USB and allows efficient DAW based sound editing and sequencing. Overbridge merges the functionality of software plug-ins with the unmatched sound of analog hardware.

*Bi-directional USB audio streaming*
Overbridge makes multi tracking easy. Connect a USB cable and record multiple Elektron machine voices to separate DAW tracks in 24 bit quality. Or send audio from a DAW, process it with the analog circuitry of the Elektron machines and bring back the results to a new DAW track – all over a single USB cable and without timing issues. Overbridge even allows the Analog range of machines to be used as multi-channel USB sound cards.

*Total recall*
Management of analog sounds and sequences has never been easier. Any adjustments made either directly on the Elektron hardware or via the software plug-in can be automatically recalled when loading a DAW project. Overbridge offers ultimate convenience when handling Elektron machine data.

Overbridge will be a part of a free OS update expected to be released Q4 2014. The OS update will work on all Analog Four, Analog Keys, and Analog Rytm units in existence.


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  1. PPman

    Octatrack wird nicht unterstützt, eure Überschrifft ist irreführend.

    • Benjamin Weiss

      Recht hast du, ist gefixt!

  2. Felix

    Overbrigde the best update ever 😛