Seven questions for the maker of the 808 DIY-Kit

The Yocto is a DIY-Kit that allows you to build a clone of the famous Roland TR-808 using mostly original parts that created quite a buzz: it´s only 379 Euros, where the original (if you can find one) usually costs around 2000 Euro. Vincent from the Yocto-maker E-Licktronics answered a bunch of questions we had on the project. Click here to see a video, some pictures and some sound samples.

De:Bug: Was it hard to find all the original parts of the TR-808 for Yocto?

Vincent: AN6912, hd14584B, germanium diodes, and the color switches were a little bit hard to find.

De:Bug: Why did you choose to use another chip for the Clap?

Vincent: We chose to use BA6110 instead of the BA662 because of the price of the BA662 and it´s obsoleteness. There isn’t any difference in use between both VCAs in this case.

De:Bug: Why did you leave out the Tap-function and the A/B-Patterns?

Vincent: We did not integrate the Tap-function because we will add a function that allows you to program Yocto via an external Pad. The A/B function was replaced by chaining patterns. You can chain as many patterns as you want and each can have 32 steps.

De:Bug: How much soldering-skills do you need to build the Yocto?

Vincent: We don’t know exactly how much soldering skill you need to build a Yocto, but a roll of 100g of tin-solder will be enough.

De:Bug: How long did it take you to realize the idea of making a DIY-808 from the first idea to the Yocto?

Vincent: We started this project in March.

De:Bug: Will you also sell an assembled version for less experienced users later?

Vincent: We do not provide assembled kits but there is a lot of forum members who will be happy to help inexperienced users.;)

De:Bug: When will the Yocto be available?

Vincent: We are still waiting for the PCBs, DHL said we will receive them December 13th. Everything is ready except the PCBs. Be patient.