Machinedrum, Monomachine, Mini Kaoss Pad und MFB Synth Lite 2


John Tejada (Palette Records)

Beschreibe dein Bühnen-Setup!

One elektron monomachine, One elektron machinedrum, one mfb synth lite2 and one mini kaoss pad all into a 16 channel mixer. If performing with Arian Leviste add blue and red korg.

Worauf kommt es bei einem perfekten Setup an? Welchen Anspruch hast du an dein eigenes Liveset?

I feel a live set up should be somewhat limiting in a way, forcing you to recreate some of your music, resisting the urge to just load up audio stems from studio sessions and hitting play.
I need my live setup to offer sound control in a fun interactive way. I prefer the hardware set up because i can work with synthesis which is much more comfortable for me. When using software I am mostly stuck with audio parts which I’ve never really known what to do with live.

Mit welchen Problemen ist man immer wieder konfrontiert?

People that come up to interrupt me during a set even though I am obviously really really busy. I always imagine someone walking on stage during a philharmonic show and asking the conductor if he could play the other piece now. Gear wise, with hardware things are quite problem free, with software we all know how many things can go wrong, but sometimes it’s worth the risk.

Laptop ja oder nein?
Whatever gets the job done. i love my hardware set up, but have realized recently all my machines are almost broken from touring, so for the moment i’m experimenting with a monome and max patches which offers a new twist on working live with audio clips.


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