Maximal abrocken mit minimalem Setup

Please describe your setup on stage!

Keep it simple: laptop, controller (UC-33), Korg Electribe.

Which ingredients make a setup perfect? What do you need your setup to do?

As said before, the key is not how many things I have with me, but how to get the most effect and freedom by a limited number of elements that I can be able to control in real time. While the laptop is the core and handles all the audio clips and instruments with the Ableton Live software, it’s with the controller and the cursor arrows of the keyboard that I am able to decide what to play, at which volume, when, mixing the elements of different tracks together in a fashion that is half-way between live set and dj, without needing to touch my mouse.

What kind of problems are you always facing while performing?

I tried to keep my setup simple also to avoid to face the typical proble, especially when playing in a club whose booth is totally thought for the dj, at afterhours oetc.. I can setup in 5 minutes and have a go, no matter if I need to put my gear on the top of a record player while the opening dj is playing his last record on the other deck or start my set holding my controller with my hands. Normally my setup time is tested to be ready before that last track arrives to an end.

Laptop yes or no? Pros and Cons, if there are any…

I think this issue has become a bit out of date since most djs as well use a laptop together with the decks, thanks to systems like Serato or Final Scratch. To me it has always been about the outcome, if the music is nice, if it fits to the atmosphere of the venue and to the setting, if the performer expresses his partecipation and is the first to have fun in the room, I honestly do not care what the guy is using. Unless he’s faking it, of course. Check if his controller cable is plugged in 🙂

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