Die neue Version bringt einen Schwung Bugfixes und besseres Midi-Timing

Es gibt mal wieder ein Update von Abletons Live zu vermelden: Version 7.0.12 stopft so einige kleine Bugs, bringt aber auch besseres Midi-Timing und Unterstützung von zwei neuen Midi Controllern. Wie immer für alle registrierten User kostenlos über die Abletonseite. Die Fixes im Einzelnen:

– MIDI surface controller support for the Alesis Master Control
– MIDI controller support for Vestax VCM 600

Bug fixes:
– Operator’s voice stealing would not work properly.
– Under certain conditions an empty MIDI effect Rack could lead to audio drop-outs.
– The ‘Rename’ command for an Impulse slot would not be available via the context menu.
– A copied or moved Reverb would not properly show the correct curve with Diffusion Network enabled.
– After installing content packages, a dialog could show a message about a failed installation although the installation was successful.
– A copied or moved Tension instrument would not show the correct filter curve.
– Dragging a particular chain from a Drum Rack into ’empty’ Arranger space could crash Live.
– On Windows Vista, resizing the main window would heavily flicker if AERO was enabled.
– On Windows Vista, locking the computer or coming back from a screen saver would temporarily disable AERO.
– Moving a clip in a track with an External Instrument and routed to a multitimbral plug-in could crash Live.
– Moving zones in the the Sampler could lead to hard disk dropouts.
– Live’s search index would not properly handle version 2.3 ID3 tags.
– Dragging in a clip containing an Audio Unit plug-in could cause a message box to appear, canceling the drag.
– Some memory leaks could appear under Vista when resizing windows.
– Tighter MIDI timing when looping in the Arranger.
– Files would incorrectly be dated as “Yesterday” during a few hours around midnight.
– The macro settings of a rack containing certain third party plug-ins would not properly restored when loading the rack.
– Having multiple automation lanes on an audio track and removing one lane would not properly display the audio waveform on the remaining lanes.
– Doing the the Capture and Insert Scene command could create a memory leak.
– When running as MIDI clock slave, Live would only display a rounded to the nearest integer tempo.
– On Mac OS X, the functionality to ask the AU plug-in for its supported formats would not work properly.
– If Live would run as ReWire slave but would not get called from the ReWire master for some time, a message box would appear to inform about that problem. This message box again could lead to a crash of Live and the ReWire master. Now, the the message about the inactive ReWire master is displayed on the status bar.
– Sending a MIDI program change message from an external MIDI source into Live would lead to a crash.
– Depending on the structure of the current Live set, arming a track could be extremely slow.
– Unlock offline would not work properly