Erstes Update für Bitwig in freier Wildbahn

Jetzt sind sie wirklich schnell: Nichtmal eine Woche nach dem Start gibts das erste Bugfix-Update von Bitwig Studio. Bitwig Studio 1.0.4 behebt Probleme mit der Plugin Delay Compensation, diversen VSTs und beim Bouncen und wird beim Start der App als Update angeboten, falls nicht findet ihr es auf der Webseite. Hier ist der Changelog:

Changes in Bitwig Studio 1.0.4

Released on 30.03.2014.

IMPROVED Show automated button in plug-in parameter list now also include modulated parameters
IMPROVED Keyboard input from VST-windows on windows is now redirected to the main application window
IMPROVED Automatically close and remember which VST-windows were open when switching tracks, and re-open then when switching back.
IMPROVED Improved the VST plugin parameter list, including a joker entry which follows the selection in the plug-in GUI
FIXED Engine crash when bouncing/rendering/exporting with buffersizes smaller than 256
FIXED When modulation mapping mode is active pressing the mouse-wheel on a knob acts as a click
FIXED Automation and time-info PDC doesn’t work as expected
FIXED Camel Audio Alchemy doesn’t remember its data directory
FIXED Saving an existing project to a new directory doesn’t copy over the plugin-states
FIXED Convert pitch-bend setting doesn’t update when adding/replacing the first instrument on a track
FIXED AHDSR envelope threshold of instant attack was lower than the minimum attack setting on the sampler
FIXED Crash when starting note drag and drop with an invalid selection.
FIXED Crash when editing onset time in inspector.
FIXED GUI glitches on Mac OS X.


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