Steinbergs automatischer Trommler wird poliert


Steinbergs automatischer Trommler Groove Agent 3 hat gerade ein Bugfix – Update bekommen und ist jetzt auch offiziell Leopard – fähig. Höchste Zeit, ihn demnächst mal hier zu testen…

Die Fixes:

• AU: Sample rates other than 44.1 kHz now working
• DXi: Fixed an issue where new projects created with
3.0.1 wouldn’t reload their settings in the DXi version.
DXi projects created using 3.0.1 now open fine in 3.0.2.
• Added separate MIDI start/stop commands for
Percussion Agent: note B with velocity 0-63 will stop PA
and note B with velocity 64-127 will start PA.
• Fixed a crash which occurred on some system
configurations when starting Digital Performer 5.
• Fixed a crash which could occur in Cubase SX3 when
automating the GA3 RUN button.
• The mute status of GA classics Percussion instruments is
saved and restored correctly now.
• Fixed an automation target compatibility issue between
projects created in Cubase 4 with GA 3.0 and GA 3.0.1.