"Many, many bug fixes" und mehr

Akai hat heute das langerwartete dritte Software-Update für die MPC Renaissance und die MPC Studio veröffentlicht. Das bringt nicht nur “Many, many bugfixes”, sondern auch diverse neue Features, unter anderem den neuen Vintage Mode “SP1200 Ring” (allerdings nur auf der Renaissance) und einen umgestrickten Mixer mit besserem Plugin-Handling.

New Features:

◾ Completely redesigned plugin architecture, allowing more features and flexibility. You can route multiple tracks to the same plugin.
◾ ProTools transport control (see Help menu for setup instructions).
◾ New vintage emulation mode: SP1200 Ring.
◾ Hardware zoom control (press shift + cursor keys).
◾ Project archive facility, to easily move projects between computers (File>Export>As
Project Archive).
◾ Facility to delete all unused samples in a project (Edit>Delete Unused Samples).
◾ File import of MPC2000 and 2000XL format APS and ALL files.
◾ Support for custom program edit UIs for plugin programs. The bundled instruments now have tailor-made editors.

◾ New program mixer, with ability to hide unused tracks, and show mixer strips for plugin programs.
◾ Improved plugin selection system, allowing you to browse by plugin type, and by manufacturer.
◾ Redesigned main mode GUI, making information clearer and speeding up the workflow.
◾ Added new track and sequence selectors to speed up access.
◾ Project info list shows program type and the plugin loaded in each plugin program.
◾ Improved track view display, with automation editing for plugin programs, and
access to common track settings in the lane.
◾ Improved the program editor for plugin programs.
◾ You can drag samples to lanes in the grid to load them onto a pad.
◾ Double-click in sequence editor to insert/remove a slice point.
◾ Improved the hardware’s pad light performance.
◾ Improved QLink performance.
◾ Better preferences window, that looks better and is better organized.
◾ Audio export of submixes and plugin programs.
◾ Improved MPC 3000 file import.
◾ Next sequence mode works like an MPC 4000, rather than an MPC 5000.
◾ Many, many bug fixes.


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