In beiden Versionen werden die Rack Extensions eingeführt

Propellerheads haben ihren beiden Flagschiffen ein Update verpasst. Dabei wurde in erster Linie das schon auf der Musikmesse 2012 angekündigte neue proprietäre PlugIn-Format “Reason Extensions” mit eigenem Download-Store integriert. Auf der einen Seite öffnen sich Propellerheads mit diesem Schritt Dritt-Herstellern und deren PlugIn-Produkten, auf der anderen Seite werden diese Racks natürlich nicht wie gewöhnliche VSTs oder AUs in andern DAWs laufen.

Hier eine Liste an jetzt schon verfügbaren PlugIns:

– Propellerheads LGM-1 Pulsar Dual LFO
Free until October 1st! Two LFOs that allow you to modulate your sounds in Reason with more flexibility than before.

– Softube Saturation Knob
Free until August 14th! Simple saturation effect for fattening up drums, bass, etc.

– FXPansion Etch Red
Takes the filter technology developed for DCAM SynthSquad and brings it into the Reason environment. $49.

– iZotope Ozone Maximizer
The highly regarded maximizer section from iZotope’s Ozone mastering plug-in. $79.

– Sonic Charge Bitspeek
Sonic Charge brings the sound of the infamous Speak n’ Spell to Reason. $49.

– Audio Damage Rough Rider
Audio Damage’s excellent extreme compression plug-in in Reason format. $29.

– Propellerheads Radical Piano
3 samples pianos with simple sound-shaping tools to tweak the sound to your taste. $99.

– PEFF Buffre Beat Repeater
Realtime audio scrubbing effect that brings Ableton-style Beat Repeat effects to Reason for all the glitchy goodness you need. $49.

– Propellerheads Polar
Old-school style harmonizer and pitch-shifter. $69.

– Synapse Audio RM-1 Ring Modulator
Virtual analog style ring modulator effect. $79.

– Sugar Bytes Slice Arranger
Slices whatever audio you feed it into slices and re-arranges them for broken beat type effects. $29.

– Studio Effects FET Compressor
Modelled solid-state type compression effects. 20% off until August. $119.

– Studio Effects TSAR-1 Reverb
Detailed, modern reverb effect. 25% off until August 14th. $149

– Studio Effects TSAR-1R Reverb
Algorithmic style reverb effect. 35% off until August. $49.

– Sugar Bytes Filter Pattern
Animated filter effect for cool, rhythmic effects. $29.

– Synapse Audio CD-2 Dual Chorus
Two-stage, stereo chorus effect. $39.

– Softube Trident A-Range
Models a channel from the extremely rare Trident A-Range consoles. 20% off until August 14th. $119.

– Sugar Bytes Pitch Delay
Combines pitch-shifting, delay, and filtering. $29.

– Synapse Audio AF-4 Analog Filter
Analog style lowpass filter. $49.

– Audio Realism ABL2 Bassline Synth
Audio Realism’s fantastic model of the infamous Roland TB-303. $59.

Rack Extensions

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