Digital zerschreddertes Hippietum mit Remixen

Sehr elegisch digitale Tracks mit vertrackter Soundästhetik und säuselnden Vocals und dazu noch 5 sehr perfekt ausgesuchte Remixer. Das Cover sagt alles.

iua brings an electronic and softer side of shoe-gazing walls of sound across all lines. Bright and hazy baths of noise delivering distinct vocals and melodies, a graceful slow motion momentum reiterated by smooth rhythms, airy instrumentation, and brief moments of breezy noise pop. The title – derived from the 3 common sounds of speech spanning all languages – perhaps lends itself to Mike Shusta’s vocals which are not in all instances phonetically cohesive or clear, yet leaving no question of or distraction from their emotive slant and importance. ‘Over the Archway Remixes’ accompanies this release – a collection of remixes featuring Aghost, Khonnor, Octopus Inc., Proswell, and Wankersunited.

over the archway
aghost remix
khonnor remix
octopus inc remix
proswell remix
wankers united remix

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