30 Minuten Megatapes

Auf der Basstarde Seite gibt es scheinbar einen kleinen Wettstreit wer von der Crew die meisten Platten in ein 30 Minuten Mixtape packen kann. Sehr sympathische Uber-Crossover-Mixe.

For a while the Basstarde Crew is running a mixtape website.
The idea is to present 30 minutes mixes (half a tape), the shortest DJ discipline, with the maximum of content. DJing as an artform; it’s not about playing 12 tracks in 60 min. Still these mixes are no boring scratch routine showcases, you rather hear big stacks of vinyl formed into an individual piece of art (sweat, very long nights and complaining neighbours included).
I dont want to bore you to death, just like to mention no computer bullshit was used for editing or so. and no genre boundaries.

das 6te tape

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