Detroit, Detroit, wir fliegen nach Detroit...

_rf043 cover

“Amsterdams Ronin, known from various releases on Djax up and Kazumi, imaginarily joins the kings of the skies on their way. His ‘Flight Of Birds’ is a routemap to Detroit rooted Techno and some of its facets.”

01. zondag
02. this way up
03. ferox
04. all there is
05. umeks friend
06. what we don’t know
07. iona
08. tough one
09. tunnelvision
10. walk this way
11. what’s happening
12. the flight of birds

00. cover artwork

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2 Responses

  1. land

    Quite raw and straight, but very nice anyway, with a ‘pure’ feeling in most tracks.

    I’ll burn them down and will probably spinsome of them out one day. :)

  2. ruine

    Endlich mal was anders! Ganz schön!