Minimale Tiefe aus Italien

An Unfoundsound Releases stimmt eigentlich immer alles. So auch bei der EP von Marcoerrre. Knusprig vertrackte aber dennoch sehr smoothe minimale Tracks.

Unfoundsound is stoked to present a young newcomer, marcoerre, of northern italy. on his first release ever, only a plant can help me ep, marcoerre offers four completely fucked-up, dubbed-out tracks suitable for both crazy peak-time hours as well as the dark and dingy afterhours. he is a master at slicing and dicing organic sounds and creating a mishmash of noisy textures that are playful, chaotic and even a little bit disturbing — meanwhile, maintaining a solid, danceable groove behind dubby, sub-heavy basslines. in a nutshell, this is techno for lsd.

observe your breath
all in a mandarin
your divine

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  1. snowdrop

    Genau das, was ich hören will!