Double release feature this month on Jahatri! On our TENTH Net-7″ by disrupt we’re back with two digital riddims in da original computah game stylee that’ll leave a taste of burned-out chips in your ears!

First off on the A-side is ‘BLAST YOU TO BITS’, ripping up a deep and shuffling echo space with a pumping bassline, groovy SEGA-offbeats, some creepy sounds of a crashed harddisk and a blasting melody hook. “Master Control Program sent you down here to the game grid to get the bits blasted out of you.” – So simply fight back with some high power dubness!

In ‘ASTEROID DUB FORCE’ the speed-o-meter is set to an higher level. You’re underway again in your funky Hornet space fighter (which some of you might still remember from Wing Commander I) – and right in the middle of a deadly asteroid belt! But no panic: simply switch on the huge speakers, throw in this intense cassette and hold tight to your joystick. ATTENTION: The echo waves in this tune will definitely bring down your protector shields while the C64 beats might thouroughly crush your hull!

Blast You To Bits
Asteroid Dub Force

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