Debutalbum mit Stringteppich


das debut album von philipp weigl konzentriert lyrisch verträumte gedanken in minimale soundarrangements, deren schönheit sich in elegischen stringteppichen entfalten…

Listening to the songs on the album creates a feeling much like one gets during sleep as our dreams reappraise the day’s experiences. Immediately awakened from a dream every part of it can be recalled and each nuance can be experienced and seen with the inner eye as a phantasmagoric slideshow of continuous images. Slightly disoriented, we ask ourselves – was this real or was it a dream? As the day progress and our memories degrade with the passage of time, details of the dream fade away and only vague fragments remain like a collection of disjointed snapshots.

01 Unrelated
02 Save
03 Underwater Dancer
04 A Day In Town
05 Monsters
06 Wrapped
07 Inside The Field
08 Lifted

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