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1. chapter 13 “the rebirth remix” (produced by rashid hadee)
2. k-hill “da instigator remix” produced by d.o.x.)
3. young valentine (of chapter 13) “i’m lazy” (produced yound valentine)
4. skinny kenny ft rashid hadee (of chapter 13) “do the math” (produced rashid hadee)
5. k-hill “the diesel go-off” (produced dj resident)
6. medinah general “dreams instrumental” (produced dj resident)
7. troy knight aka bone “peep the status” (produced chopy chop-e)
8. k-hill “intro of a dream” (produced 9th wonder)
9. obsidian blue “solo flight” (taken from the album freon)

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    must have been that morning… thanks for correcting. :)