Bumping Techhouse

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tatsu returns to the bump side. This contains the tracks from December 2006 to February 2007.

The first two tracks joined the label compilation : "ennui" is included in tropic‘s "one / volume 1", and "northwood" is in "la vie future" from stratagem.
After "el tren" closes the minimal side of this release, "living room" opens the warmer side. Continuing with bumping tech-house "twilight", warm chill tune "siesta" closes this album.
The bonus track "citrus" is another version of "station", included in "space travel EP".

  1. ennui (5:25)
  2. northwood (6:26)
  3. el tren (5:02)
  4. living room (5:50)
  5. twilight (5:58)
  6. siesta (6:02)
  7. citrus (5:19)

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