Russisches Gastspiel auf Unfoundsound Records


Unfoundsound kommt mit einer feinen 6 Track EP aus Russland. Klassischer, aber feiner Minimalsound wie immer.

brace yourself for lots and lots of easy changes! the easy changes duo hails from moscow, russia, and creates minimal masterpieces that are each full of hypnotic surprises, quirky rhythms, psychedelic sound-play and clicky found-sounds. unfoundsound is privileged to present the twosome’s debut release, pitch and gas ep. you get a whopping six tracks of relentlessly fresh and ultramodern works-of-art each meticulously structured to greatly satisfy both the cutting-edge dj as well as the techno geeks listening at home. each tune moves with subtle yet captivating changes throughout (and hence the name, easy changes) — and each track fueled graciously with cleverly manipulated reverbs, delays, field recordings, snappy rhythms and bouncy basslines. in other words, the music of easy changes is outright gripping. and coming soon, keep your eyes peeled for more easy changes on our foundsound label! we love easy changes!

natural poison
original moscow life form
gothem city
ola sama
next level

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