Heavy Weights

YkYk010 Glander Heavy Weights

The tracks on “Heavy Weights” really keep their promise.
Each song has its own little world with plenty of room and its own life.
And Glander takes a lot of time for these songs. The length of them seems
to be unusual at the first glance but soon you’ll understand that this is
part of their secret.
The tracks are captivating, some even hyptnotising. Hearing them, you will
move your feet unconsciously. But you cannot make out their style: There
are four fourths, of course, but they are too bassy and dark to be House –
and too smooth for being Techno.
Nevertheless, it doesn’t matter: The tracks will take you on a dive
cruise, each of them has its own little valley and its own moon.
So: Take your time.

Release-Site: http://www.yukiyaki.org/releases/YkYk010/Glander/Heavy_Weights

Zip-Packages (incl. covers) : mp3_zip, ogg_zip, stream

Website: http://www.yukiyaki.org

01. He calls it heavyweight
02. Untiten
03. Hunspired
04. Sein
05. Heavyweight

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