Details for Bern Receptor – Respect E.P. [SN015]
We are very proud to present this new interaction on sinergy-networks by two really talented artists that have gain their relationship on the web chating sharing ideas, sounds etc They have work together in the past for the ojo de apolo label (runed by receptor) thing that never happened inany sinergy release before since we try to look for different combinations and mixtures of styles but defenitely we wanted to push their talents to the max and decided to create this amazing e.p. of heavy dark minimalism.

Receptor lives in Chile and Bern in France, they have a similar approach to electronic music while keeping their own caracteristics what we felt it will be very interesting for the label and their experiments.

Bern is the king of glitchy smothness, his works are every time more minimal and experimental but still with some soul and rythm. Receptor music is more complex and heavy, a real dancefloor killer ( by killer i mean no one its going to dance this ) full of concept and granular synthesis that beautifully decorate his music.

Even though the output could be imagine or picture in your head, this release will blow your mind and will take to a trip of well done and detailed minimalism……GREAT INTERACTION!!!

commence a
commence a – receptor remix
ninguna duda
ninguna duda – bern remix

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