Frostige Popambient Sphären


das autoplate debut von daniel blomqvist ist ein organisches, dichtes und darkes popambient album indem es in der ferne knistert und fragil gefilterte piano melodien eingestreut werden. tipp: am besten hören wenn es dunkel ist.

The ambiance of “Skallberget” is smooth and harmonious – born of carefully selected sounds and samples and then meticulously sculptured into poignant soundscapes that are perfectly suited for nighttime listening – so you’ll not find anything coarse or overtly dissonant here. The ties that bind these songs, that is, those qualities that give “Skallberget” its sense of cohesiveness, are the underlying ambient backdrop working in unison with the compelling emotional connections behind each song . Other musical styles are also at play here which are clearly intertwined within the aural fabric of “Skallberget”.

01 Självdestruktiv
02 När Andra Sover
03 Frost
04 Cement Och Glas
05 Midnatt Råder
06 Risk För Ras
07 Juninatt
08 Tjuvlyssnat

als nächstes die tiefdubbige apl045 vom kanadier segue, danach der laridae labelhead herwig holzmann und die apl047 mit spannender acousticdubelectronica von twile.

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