Sweden and Nu-Jazz

aer007 cover

A live recorded EP which focuses on instrumental playfulness, dynamics and moods. 20 minutes of wanting something different without removing the core of music. Vibrating and organic tunes carried out by the warmth of analog taperecording and instruments.

Bluebridge Quartet was formed 2004 in Jönköping, Sweden, with the intention to create music for those who had grown tired of the citys current music scene. With time computers was switched to instruments and the influences of triphop to the more improvised basics of jazz. Secluded from the musical trends the members worked for over two years to find the essence of the instrumental music they create today. In the summer of ´06 the groups pianist went travelling wich led to a, while looking back, much needed paus. The break made the group find more intrest in the swedish climate and a fashination of the grand in the simple grew. Instruments were bought, ideas exchanged and music was created.

01 Spektrum
02 Tandberg
03 Karp
04 Landet

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