))) unfoundsound foundsound )))
december 15 2004

unfoundsound introduces a newbie on the scene, butane (a.k.a. andrew
rasse) from st. louis, missouri. the fun part is that butane has only
been producing electronic music since september 2004! yet his sound
offers an unprecedented level of maturity for a producer with only three
months of experience. he has a profound grip on what minimal techno
should feel like and sound like–using a subtle dose of hypnotic
repetitiveness driven by constantly evolving blips, bleeps and found
sounds. butane’s debut four-track ep is multi-faceted–good for dj-sets
in the afternoon, pre-parties, afterparties, plus offering excellent dj
tools for the peak hours.

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unfound02: butane – finger control ep

01. drew’s purse is so mnml
02. finger control (i lost control rework)
03. why don’t you just fart on the microphone
04. too much bush (volume 2)